5 Storage Ideas to Boost the Productive Potential of Your Business.

Commercial StorageIt’s easy to get used to clutter, but rarely are we aware of its impact on our productivity. It’s long been said that mess causes stress, but now the science backs it up as well, demonstrating that when people are in a cluttered environment, their ability to focus and efficiently process information is significantly reduced.

For Ottawa start-ups and small businesses, maximizing the productive potential of your employees is especially relevant, stressing the requirement for clutter-free spaces. Strategically using a storage unit to clear productive areas of unnecessary clutter is a great opportunity to not only boost the productivity of those that use them, but also increase their comfort and day-to-day enjoyment of work as well.

Consider 5 storage opportunities that can help boost productivity with Acceptable Storage.

1) Document Storage

Keeping comprehensive documentation of a businesses day-to-day dealings is a simple idea that can quickly become inordinately complex. As businesses grow, so too does the amount of paper they accumulate on a daily basis. Contracts, records, invoices, receipts; even the biggest filing cabinets fill up faster than you’d expect.

Document Storage OttawaDocuments can be a nuisance, but are also of fundamental importance to businesses. They need to be kept safe, secure, and always accessible; but keeping them all stored at the office can quickly come to impact the productivity of those that work there. Overloading your filing cabinets can get in the way of accessing the documents you need when you need them, and an accidental nudge to tip a stack of boxes storing historical documentation is all it takes to lose your weekend re-organizing them.


2) Bulk Ordering

The advantages of bulk ordering inventory are evident, but not all of the costs always are. Saving money on bulk purchasing inventory feels great, but can sometimes result in lost time and energy managing it. If space for new inventory cannot be found without infringing on the space designated for other inventory, or worse, employees, it isn’t always the case that bulk purchasing provides a business a net benefit.

Renting a storage unit in cases like this allow a business to enjoy the full value of their savings without paying a price in productivity. Acceptable storage has options capable of scaling with your needs, ensuring that you can access the best savings while enjoying the maximum productive potential of your business and employees.

3) Seasonal Stock

Seasonal Stock Bulk OrderingOperate a business that suffers from seasonal ebbs and flows? A reality for almost all businesses, those that have to manage drastic fluctuations in seasonal inventory have special inventory challenges requiring special solutions. Acceptable Storage can help.

Distinct businesses have distinct needs. If you need a lot of storage, a little, or a storage solution that can scale with your needs as the seasons turn, we can help! With 24/7 state of the art CCTV, consistent security patrols, and security fencing with digital access, at Acceptable your inventory will be just as safe and accessible as if you were storing it yourself!

4) Equipment

Investing in equipment can be a catch 22. On the one hand, you need it to get your business to the next level. On the other, it’s often the case you need to get your business to the next level to invest in equipment.

If you aren’t yet capable of affording the work or office space required to store your tools and equipment, renting a storage unit provides your business a convenient solution to bridge the gap until you are. Just as safe, secure, and accessible as any office, having a safe and accessible place for to keep equipment allows you to provide the services your clients require to bring your business to the next level.

If you’re looking for a small indoor space to keep your tools for 2 months before you upgrade your workshop, or a large outdoor one to store your CAT for the winter, Acceptable Storage has the storage solution to meet your needs!

5) Office Moves

Moving the office to or from Ottawa?

If you’re moving out, managing the logistics of an office move is difficult enough. You’ve got to have your previous office cleared as a condition of your rental agreement, but it’s not necessarily the case that your new office is ready – or even needs – all the furniture, equipment, etc; of your old one. Renting a storage unit in Ottawa offers you peace of mind, an inexpensive way to remove stressful ‘due dates’ on moves!

Office Move StorageIf you’re moving in, storage can act as a convenient buffer, keeping the office clean and employees productive while you set non-essential office systems up. When your employees have to work around boxes, disassembled furniture and equipment, its not only harder for them to do their job; but harder to set the office up as well!

Office moves are difficult and stressful, but made easier in proportion to your ability to manage your time. With an extensive range of storage solutions available, Acceptable Storage provides you and your business a powerful mechanism by which to do so!

Ottawa Business Storage Solutions

Acceptable Storage has been providing the city of Ottawa safe and secure business storage solutions since 1963, but don’t get the impression we’re old school! In that time, our services and service philosophy has made a long history of happy client after happy client, establishing our reputation as a valued provider of affordable and convenient storage for businesses. Our facilities are equipped with 24/7 CCTV, digital keypad access, and patrolled regularly. For the best combination of affordability, accessibility, and security for storage in Ottawa, get in touch with Acceptable Storage!

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