Lists and Planning: Your Allies When It Comes to Cleaning and Organizing Your Ottawa Storage Space

Are you dreading the thought of cleaning out your storage space in Ottawa?

The task of getting your storage unit organized can be a daunting one for many people. And one of the more common (but less productive) responses is to shy away from it. Procrastinate. Put it off. Just about anything – short of a trip to the dentist or maybe preparing for a tax audit — seems like it would be a better alternative. Read more


Getting Ready for Winter with Storage in Ottawa

With the autumn winds blowing here in Ottawa, one thing is for sure:

Winter is – shudder – right around the corner.

The transition of seasons is the ideal time to address your needs for storage in Ottawa. What items will you be taking from your storage unit? What will you be putting in? Perhaps you’re looking for more space, or maybe even renting storage space in Ottawa for the first time? Let’s take a look at what you’ll want to keep in mind, and how Acceptable Storage in Ottawa can help your winter storage needs. Read more


Long Term Travel Facilitated by Storage in Ottawa

Have you ever thought of hitting the ‘pause’ button on your day to day life, taking off and travelling the world? Maybe you’re an empty-nester, downsizing homes and looking to do something more ‘exotic’ in the interim? Or perhaps you’ve just reached the Big “R” milestone: Retirement. What better way to reward yourself than to put in some time and space as you enter the next stage of life’s journey? Read more


Free Up Your Garage For Better Use

Got stuff piling up in the garage?

Are you no longer able to park in your garage?

Has the garage become your go-to place for putting anything and everything that doesn’t seem to have a proper place?

Being in the middle of summer, now’s a great time to get that garage cleaned out. You can make room for a car (what a novel concept, eh?!) or for an organized work space or other functional area.

But where will all that stuff go? Some of it can go forever, as in “declutter and destress.” For those items that you want to keep but don’t need immediate access to, Acceptable Storage is here to help your Ottawa storage needs. Read more

5 Tips To Make Home Decluttering Easy

headerA clean space is a clean mind. Cluttered spaces produce the opposite. Things are harder to find, harder to use, and simple tasks like basic cleaning take more work.

Decluttering seems like a difficult job, but we know it’s one that provides significant value to our peace of mind.

Make the job a breeze with Acceptable Storage by learning our 5 tips to making home de-cluttering easier! Read more

Guarantee Increased Home Value in Ottawa With Strategic Storage

Home Interior

If you’re in the process of selling, or considering to sell your home, it can be tremendously lucrative to consider the benefits of staging it properly. Staging your home can increase its sale value by thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, simply because it is presented in a way that appeals to buyers. A self-storage unit with Acceptable Storage is an inexpensive way to make staging as easy as possible; an investment well worth the price when you consider how much faster, and for how much more, your property is likely sell. Read more

5 Storage Ideas to Boost the Productive Potential of Your Business.

Commercial StorageIt’s easy to get used to clutter, but rarely are we aware of its impact on our productivity. It’s long been said that mess causes stress, but now the science backs it up as well, demonstrating that when people are in a cluttered environment, their ability to focus and efficiently process information is significantly reduced.

For Ottawa start-ups and small businesses, maximizing the productive potential of your employees is especially relevant, stressing the requirement for clutter-free spaces. Strategically using a storage unit to clear productive areas of unnecessary clutter is a great opportunity to not only boost the productivity of those that use them, but also increase their comfort and day-to-day enjoyment of work as well.

Consider 5 storage opportunities that can help boost productivity with Acceptable Storage.

Read more

Organizing Storage – It Pays to Plan!

Ottawa Long Term StorageOne of the best opportunities to save money on storage is packing your things effectively. You might think you need a large unit, but if you take the time to organize the things you need stored beforehand, you’re likely to find you need significantly less space than needed. Consider the following tips from Acceptable Storage, and make storage easier and cheaper! Read more