Free Up Your Garage For Better Use

Got stuff piling up in the garage?

Are you no longer able to park in your garage?

Has the garage become your go-to place for putting anything and everything that doesn’t seem to have a proper place?

Being in the middle of summer, now’s a great time to get that garage cleaned out. You can make room for a car (what a novel concept, eh?!) or for an organized work space or other functional area.

But where will all that stuff go? Some of it can go forever, as in “declutter and destress.” For those items that you want to keep but don’t need immediate access to, Acceptable Storage is here to help your Ottawa storage needs.

Summer Is The Time to Get Organized

shutterstock_423615034Summer is a great time to turn the corner on that garage project. The weather is nice (no chilly garages to have to negotiate or bundle up for). The days are longer. And you can have a BBQ afterwards as your reward!

Maybe you’ve got kids out of school for another few weeks at least. Why not put them to work?

Cleaning out the garage will free up space for all kinds of things. Like a car.

Isn’t it funny that we all seem to be doing this thing, where we put our “stuff” in the garage, and leave a valuable automobile out in the driveway. Your miscellaneous items are secure, while your car is exposed to the elements and strangers with nefarious intentions.

If you’re comfortable with your car in the driveway or on the street, your garage still has lots of potential is probably going unfulfilled.

  • Some people turn their garages into heated spaces, “man caves” as it were, with sofas, mini-refrigerators, televisions and the like
  • Gyms are also a good idea for the garage, as there’s no need to carry heavy equipment (weights, treadmills, etc) down to the basement
  • Others use the garage as a work space, an organized place with tools and other working equipment and gear
  • Garages can also be a good space for seasonal equipment that is currently in use (with the rest of the out-of-season items being put into a storage facility


Rent a Storage Unit Year-Round, Swap Out Seasonal Equipment

Snowblowers are a good example of seasonal equipment to swap out in a storage unit, rather than storing in the garage.

Working with shovels and snowblowers is bad enough already. Don’t force yourself to work around them all summer long! This year bring them to down to a storage unit at Acceptable Storage with the rest of your seasonal stuff, and enjoy the benefits of space at home.

By freeing up space in the garage, accessing everything you need for domestic life is made easier all summer long.

With no need to climb over the snowblower to access gardening equipment, you spare yourself that sprained ankle that ruins 4 weeks of your summer!

With no need to dedicate space to road salt and shovels, you can drink beer on the back deck instead of spending one of your first summer evenings struggling with putting it all in your garage crawlspace.

Acceptable Storage offers safe, inexpensive solutions to snowmobile storage that make life with snowmobiles significantly easier.

This year, instead of paying the price of storing your snowmobiles in the garage, consider renting a storage unit year-round that you can use for all your seasonal recreational vehicles. With space for dirtbikes and ATV’s in the winter, your snowmobiles in the summer; and anything else you’d like to store seasonally, you can free up clutter and space at home to make domestic life easier.

Remember that, on top of the benefits of always-accessible seasonal storage, renting year round also entitles you to substantial discount on your unit! Find out what savings you’re entitled to by getting in touch!

De-Clutterting = De-Stress

shutterstock_474409744A buildup of clutter in our physical space often leads to a buildup of stress in our mental space.

  • Most of our things have value only when specific circumstances call for them, and for much of the stuff in our possession, circumstances called for them long ago
  • Problematically, it takes an investment to sort through all the things we own and decide what has value, what doesn’t, and how to deal with the stuff that doesn’t now, but might later
  • When you’re surrounded with things you’re keeping around for some possible future use, it drags on your peace of mind
  • Pool supplies serve to do nothing but make storage more difficult to access for the winter months
  • Snowblowers and Shovels make tools difficult to get to during the summer

It’s trivial once or twice to get around these things to get what you need, but having to do it for months on end year after year serves to seriously impact peace-of-mind. If the objects in your life are not currently providing you value, then chances are they are costing you value, in the form of peace-of-mind at home.

With Acceptable Storage, you gain access to an option that allows you to only ever experience the value your things provide when needed, and not the value they extract when they need to sit and wait for the circumstances they need to be used. Acceptable allows you to regain control of the space in your Ottawa home, and take it back from the objects you’ve accumulated in your life.

Get The Best Deals On Secure Storage in Ottawa

ottawa storage rates and pricingStoring all your seasonal items at Acceptable Storage provides tremendous benefits to Ottawa residents and families.

Instead of working around all your stored stuff every time you go into the basement or garage to get even the smallest thing, you can reduce the burden seasonal storage has on your life to a mere 2 trips a year! One to swap out your winter stuff, the other your summer stuff!

Even bulky, awkwardly sized items like canoes are easy to manage at Acceptable! No matter what your needs, big or small, Acceptable Storage can show you ways to meet them!

And don’t forget that by renting a unit year round, you gain access to discounted rates on what are already among the best prices in Ottawa for storage!

It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny apartment or massive farm; if you’re dealing with seasonal clutter, Acceptable Storage is the solution! Find out how we can make your life easier with more space by getting in touch!

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