Guarantee Increased Home Value in Ottawa With Strategic Storage

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If you’re in the process of selling, or considering to sell your home, it can be tremendously lucrative to consider the benefits of staging it properly. Staging your home can increase its sale value by thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, simply because it is presented in a way that appeals to buyers. A self-storage unit with Acceptable Storage is an inexpensive way to make staging as easy as possible; an investment well worth the price when you consider how much faster, and for how much more, your property is likely sell.

Why Does Staging Work?

When you list your property, you’re selling a house, but buyers are purchasing a home.

Home StagingThey aren’t nearly as interested in the structure, materials, and amenities of your home so much as they are interested in the times and experiences they expect to have there.

Staged homes sell faster, and for more money, because they allow a potential buyer to imagine these experiences. Like a painting on an easel, a staged living room will present prospective buyer to an image of a space they can enjoy, and make memories in to last a lifetime. It is these memories and enjoyment that a home buyer values, and properly staged homes better allow a buyers to connect with them before purchase!

Why Unstaged Properties Sell For Less.

When a property is sold empty, all a buyer sees is a house. Walls, floors, a roof, amenities; these are all important factors of a buyers decision, but ultimately they are only valuable insofar as they make home life enjoyable. Like an empty canvas on an easel, it’s still possible to picture a future in these spaces, but one must ‘paint the picture’ themselves. A buyer has a harder time connecting with that special quality that separates a house from a home if it is entirely empty.

The only thing worse than when selling an empty house, is putting one on the market without any attempt to empty or stage it. When a house is shown in the same state that it has been lived in, buyers are presented a picture of someone else’s life! Purchasing homes such as these is an uncomfortable proposition for most, because they cannot help but feel like they are buying memories and experiences that do not belong to them! It is nearly impossible to imagine yourself and your family enjoying a space when you feel that the space belongs to someone else, and someone else’s family.

Why Staging Can Be So Difficult

There are many different ways to stage a home.

Home Staging HardThe most effective method to do so is with a professional service. These are businesses that will come into your empty home, and perform interior design from top-to-bottom to make it look as good as possible for staging.

The problem with these services is that not only are they very expensive, but they require you to completely vacate your home of everything inside of it. Moving out of a home before you move into another not only requires you to pay for massive storage units, but also hotel stays or dual mortgage payments. These expenses add up, and for many home-sellers do not justify the increase in home value.

However, there is a middle ground that allows any homeowner to enjoy the same benefits of professional home staging, without the hefty expenses and headache!

How Acceptable Makes Staging Easy

By removing all non-essential furniture and clutter from your home, and organizing the appearance of spaces in the interests of selling your home, it’s possible to access all the value professional staging would provide, without the expense. Doing so strategically with a storage unit from Acceptable Storage can also provide the secondary benefit of making the process of moving significantly easier and less stressful!

The goal of staging is to provide a picture of what a buyers future home life will look like. While professional services might hesitate to admit it, you don’t need professional interior design to do so!

Simple things can go a long way to increasing the price of your home:

  • Bring every non-essential item in a space to your storage unit, paint walls calm neutral colors, and ensuring rooms are properly lit. This will do 90% of the work of a professional designer without anything close to the cost!
  • Consider the needs, wants, and expectations of those likely to be interested in your home, and present your home to address them. Selling to first time buyers? Pull the old crib out the basement, borrow one from a friend, or find one used! Set it up in a bedroom close to the master, as this will allow those looking at your home to more easily imagine themselves using the space!
  • You don’t need brand new furniture to present a space in a way that makes potential buyers feel comfortable! Use your couches, tables, beds, desks; but arrange them in a way that meets the needs of buyers, not your family, when showing!

How Acceptable Makes Moving Easy Too

Moving EasyWhen emptying your home of clutter, take the opportunity to organize and box up all your possessions, and place them in your unit to maximize the use of available space. This way, when it comes time for moving, 90% of the work on this stressful day will have already been taken care of!

When you take care of these tasks beforehand, moving is a simple matter of bringing a truck to Acceptable Storage, and transferring everything from your unit to your truck! With everything already organized, boxed, and placed mindfully; filling your truck efficiently is a piece of cake. This way you get the most for your money, spend less time loading, and make the difficult task of moving easy!


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