Is Climate-Controlled Storage Right for You?

Is your investment exposed?

When exploring the options for storage, it’s important to consider the climate conditions under which your goods will be stored. Here in Ottawa, that means not only winter but summer as well. At Acceptable Storage of Ottawa, we offer storage units that are climate-controlled, in addition to those that are not. Which one you choose will depend on a number of factors. Let’s take a look at what those factors are, and which storage option will be best for you.

What is Climate Control for Storage? Is It the Same as at Home?

The weather in Ottawa, as we well know, brings us all kinds of conditions, often extreme, from cold and snowy to hot and humid. Sometimes those seem to come within days of each other! As humans (and Canadians), we’re most well equipped to deal with these extreme temperatures and wacky conditions. Can the same be said for our belongings? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. That depends on the materials and components, as well as the season(s) and duration of storage.

Our homes in Canada are essentially all climate-controlled in this day and age. Certainly in the wintertime, we’re well equipped to fight the cold, with homes heated (by furnaces and other sources) at temperatures in the range of 15C-22C. Those are acceptable conditions. Even for homes that lack air conditioning in the summer, it’s less likely that items will be exposed to temperatures or humidity levels that jeopardize their well-being (especially with owners opening windows, running fans, etc.). The same cannot be said for self-storage. It’s important to know that not all storage units are created equally. Within our facility here at Acceptable Storage in Ottawa, for example, we have climate-controlled units as well as those that are not. Our basic units are, of course, sheltered from the elements – no worries for rain, snow, ice, etc. But the temperatures and humidity can fluctuate quite a bit, much as they do outside the walls. For many items, that’s not a factor. Because it is the less expensive of the two options, regular storage is typically chosen for short-term needs (e.g. for a few months in the spring/summer/fall) or for household items. Lawn furniture, lawn equipment, and things such as sporting goods would not need to be kept in a climate-controlled environment.

If you are concerned about certain items getting too cold or being exposed to too much humidity, however, it’s a good idea to check out the options for climate-controlled storage.

What Items Should Be Placed in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you’ll want to place into climate-controlled storage.

  • Electronics – We all love our gadgets. If you ever have to store any of your electronics, climate-controlled storage will help keep those delicate items from extremes in temperature. Camera gear, computers, TV’s and many other electronic items tend to be sensitive to extreme temperatures and moisture. Anything with a battery, especially a lithium-ion battery, should be kept away from the extreme elements. The same goes for household appliances as well. While you might get away with storing these for a few spring or autumn months in a non-climate-controlled unit, any storage that’s long-term or occurring in the summer or winter is best served by proper climate control.
  • Furniture – Wooden furniture can dry out, shrink or even crack if it’s allowed to get too cold or swell and warp in hot temperatures. Upholstered furniture is prone to mold and mildew if it’s kept in hot temperatures over a long period of time. Leather is known to crack or peel in conditions that are either too dry, too moist, too hot or too hold. Climate-controlled storage is the best bet for protecting your furniture and keeping it available for future use.
  • Documents – Archived records and documents are often irreplaceable. Air and atmosphere can be the greatest enemies of stored paper. Too much moisture causes rot. Too little moisture causes printing to fade. Stored records are best kept in areas where a constant, moderate atmosphere can be maintained. Putting documents into climate-controlled storage means you’ll be able to use them when you need them – that’s why you’re hanging onto them, after all!
  • Art – Paintings, drawings and photographs are particularly prone to damage from exposure to excessively hot, dry, cold or moist air. Stamps, sports cards and comic book collections are also items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage. Chances are, if you own things like these, you’ve made a significant investment to acquire them. Why not protect your investment by placing them into climate-controlled storage?
  • Textiles – This isn’t one that people necessarily think of right away. Clothing and bedding are among the most commonly stored items. Self storage makes it easy to free up space in your home by allowing for seasonal clothing, blankets and quilts to be rotated in and out as needed. But how should those be stored? Is a basic storage unit enough? Why not ensure that those items are not exposed to extreme temperature change by renting climate-controlled storage?
  • Musical Instruments – Well cared for instruments are vital to making good music. Climate-controlled storage will help prevent warping, cracking and rot of your instruments (violins, trumpets, guitars, drums, and much more), meaning they’ll be available for music the next time they’re called upon – be that next month or next year.

As you can see, the uses and necessities for climate-controlled storage are plentiful. If you’re concerned about over-paying to store some items that aren’t as vulnerable to moisture or humidity, we might recommend taking out two separate units. In either case, isn’t the investment you’ve made in purchases and acquisitions over the years worth protecting?


Where Can One Find Climate-Controlled Storage in Ottawa?


At Acceptable Storage in Ottawa, we offer climate-controlled storage units. They range in size and dimensions, and availability can vary depending on season and demand. We also have climate-controlled storage for motorcycles, cars, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis and other vehicles. Give us a call or use our contact form to get in touch today. Our friendly staff are happy to talk about your storage needs and how we can best serve you with a climate-controlled storage unit in Ottawa.


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