Ottawa Office Services

Acceptable Storage also offers a variety of office services, making them you're one stop shop for all moving and storage needs. We offer mailbox rentals to tie you over while moving addresses, ensuring your mail is never lost. We also offer both faxing and photocopying services, helping customers record and send all necessary moving and storage documents.

Storage Mailbox Rental


Mailbox Rentals

Do you require a business or personal address with prestige and savvy? Are you looking for an Ottawa address that you can use on your website? Use ours!
4863 Bank St. with your own suite number. Simply rent a mail box and you can have an Ottawa address with distinction. Your privacy is assured.

Available Sizes:
Personal, Business & Corporate

We also offer a variety of office services and products including locks, boxes, faxing and photocopying.  Let us know what you need and we'll help you find it.


Photocopying Services

  • Black/white copying
  • Colour copying
  • Single-sided only