Ottawa’s Storage Unit Solution

Acceptable Storage offers affordable storage in the Ottawa area.  We offer some of the most affordable rates in an excellent location.  Our lots are all securely monitored 24/7, ensuring that your belongings are kept safe, secure, and untouched.  With our Ottawa storage units you will have easy access to your belongings, 24/7. Unsure whether or not a storage solution is something you really need? Check out 4 signs that your in need of storage locker and find out if it is time you visited Acceptable Storage.

Self Storage Ottawa

Acceptable Storage Ottawa offers a number of self storage solutions with a varying range of prices depending on the unit you select. Unsure how much storage you need? Check out our blog on figuring out how much storage you actually need. Self storage is among the most demanded services in the Ottawa area, being necessary for a number of situations such as a house move or for the staging of a house sale. Self storage gives Ottawa residents the benefit of being able to move their belongings on their terms when they please. For all of your self storage needs, Acceptable Storage Ottawa has the solution you are looking for. Never rented a storage unit before? Learn everything you need to know before renting a storage locker and be prepared.

Outdoor Self Storage

Locks for Sale

Storage Solutions

Acceptable Storage offers a number of storage solutions for Ottawa residents, and our extra services can help you with all of your storage needs.  Find out some tips on how to make storage easy and efficient for you. Often moving your belongings into a storage area requires materials that you don’t have readily available.  With that in mind Acceptable Storage Ottawa offers a number of storage supplies such as storage boxes, mattress bags, locks and more.  For our larger units, customers often need help moving large objects, such as furniture, into the self storage unit.  For all move ins, we offer free use of our cargo trailers to help you move your larger items.  The staff here at Acceptable Storage is available and ready to help to help you meet all of your storage unit needs.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Are you looking for climate-controlled storage in Ottawa? At Acceptable Storage, we offer storage units that are controlled for temperature and humidity. This is ideal for items such as furniture, electronics, art, textiles, woodwork, musical instruments and other items that are sensitive to extreme heat, cold, dryness and/or moisture. With our four dynamic and extreme seasons here in Ottawa, especially cold winters and hot, humid summers, protecting your valuables is important. Our climate-controlled storage units run the full range in size and dimensions and do tend to get booked quickly for peak seasons so plan ahead and reserve promptly! We even have climate-controlled storage space for motorcycles, boats, cars, jet-skis and snowmobiles.